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All seeing eye cheetah

20 EUR

Need a guardian in your house? The Cheetahs with the all seeing eyeballs will sort you right out.

  • super limited edition of 10
  • screen printed in Amsterdam
  • wild
  • Size 32x60cm

My name is Anna Kiosse.
I'm a Designer, Book Author and  Illustrator.
I live in Amsterdam with my dog Yoda. 

I have a passion for print techniques like letter press or screen printing.
I also like colours, drawing, dogs, analogue photography and sarcasm.
So it happens naturally that I produce all this things that you'll find in this shop. 

Every item is handmade with sweat, tears, passion  and lots of swearing. 
I hope you enjoy the results and find something in The Mayhem Market.

If you have a favourite animal or any other idea that you would like me to make for you,
The Mayhem Market loves to make commissioned artwork.
Just send an email: hello@annakiosse.com

Check out my website if you like what you see here: www.annakiosse.com
Or visit the best club ever: www.theswearing.club