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12 EUR

This puppies offering you enough space for all your  ideas great, darkest secrets, travel journals, ugly drawings, plans to conquer the world or lovetters to your dog. They're limited and hand printed on plain off white paper. 

  • A5
  • 120gr plain paper, white
  • hand printed 
  • limited

My name is Anna Kiosse.
I'm a Designer, Book Author and  Illustrator.
I live in Amsterdam with my dog Yoda. 

I have a passion for print techniques like letter press or screen printing.
I also like colours, drawing, dogs, analogue photography and sarcasm.
So it happens naturally that I produce all this things that you'll find in this shop. 

Every item is handmade with sweat, tears, passion  and lots of swearing. 
I hope you enjoy the results and find something in The Mayhem Market.

If you have a favourite animal or any other idea that you would like me to make for you,
The Mayhem Market loves to make commissioned artwork.
Just send an email: hello@annakiosse.com

Check out my website if you like what you see here: www.annakiosse.com
Or visit the best club ever: www.theswearing.club